Girls on the Run 2023

Our first place runner Aniah Clouse finished the 5k in 20 minutes! Mrs. Weir, our coach, followed behind with a time of 33 minutes! The race this year was made far more difficult due to the humidity being at 98% on race day. All the girls made impressions however, as they all finished the official race in less time than the practice 5k from earlier in the week!

Our anchor at our race was Mr. Weir. He helped make sure our team stayed together and supported any who were slowing down past their goal pace.

1st Place

Aniah Clouse

Final 5k: 20:00 Minute Finish

Practice 5k: N/A

2nd Place

Kylee Sealock

Final 5k: 36:00 Minute Finish

Practice 5k: 50:48

3rd Place

Alannah Miller

Final 5k: 36:05 Minute Finish

Practice 5k: 51:02


Liliana Rios

Final 5k: 36:10 Minute Finish

Practice 5k: N/A


Raven Metz

Final 5k: 41:15 Minute Finish

Practice 5k: 49:54


Rylee Metz

Final 5k: 41:20 Minute Finish

Practice 5k: 49:35


Lilyen Daniels

Final 5k: 41:25 Minute Finish

Practice 5k: 61:05


Lydia Petsovich

Final 5k: 46:00 Minute Finish

Practice 5k: N/A


Ellie Kitchell

Final 5k: 48:00 Minute Finish

Practice 5k: N/A


Lula Johnson

Final 5k: 48:05 Minute Finish

Practice 5k: 62:45


Madison Bridwell

Final 5k: 51:00 Minute Finish

Practice 5k: 52:09


Vyvyann Thomas

Final 5k: 51:05 Minute Finish

Practice 5k: 51:57

The months leading up to our 5k, we practiced life skills that will stick with us every day. Some of our favorite lessons, such as this one, focused on hearsay.

The goal is to keep an eye on how we hear and deliver information. Communication is key and we should be making sure we are not gossiping, starting drama, or being untruthful.

Owning our communication skills and setting boundaries allows for us to be successful in creating and keeping friendships. Learning when to say yes and no to choices and behaviors guides us.

Being a good teammate, standing up for others, and leading by example are just a few skills we decided we would need on our team.

When looking for friends, we have to focus on being a good friend first. Here are the qualities we came up with that make ourselves beautiful people inside and out.

Then, we need to ensure we are looking for friends who fit our non-negotiables. We must be the qualities of a good friend and look for qualities in a good friend that will push us to make good choices over bad ones.

Most importantly, we must show the Riverside keys to success in our daily lives. Being safe, respectful, kind, responsible, and showing perseverance are the attributes that we strive for daily.

Living lives as girls who are leaders, make good choices, and live positive lives sets us apart and makes us all STARS! We can't wait to open our time capsule before next season to share out our reasons for choosing to be Girls on the Run!