Mrs. Weir (Ms. Karnik)

Mrs. Weir is entering her 8th year at Riverside School. She is continuing in a role as a Specials teacher for the 3rd year, after teaching Kindergarten and 1st grade here at Riverside for 5 years. Mondays she teaches Gym, Tuesdays she teaches Typing and Coding, Wednesdays she teaches Social Emotional Skills/Teambuilding, and Thursdays she teaches Art. She is also our lunch lead, secretary, 8th grade math teacher, middle school social studies teacher, and McKinney Vento Homelessness Liaison - see information below for those in need. Mrs. Weir graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 2015 and her Masters Degree in Literacy Studies in 2022. She is certified in the following areas:  K-8 self contained, 6-8 English and Mathematics, Early Childhood ZA endorsement.  Below is a link to Mrs. Weir's list of Approved Technology Sites for fun at school and at home.